Enjoy your silent sample of our Quantum-Infused™
and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology

The sample is silent, but we recommend playing it 24/7, with the volume turned up!

This is just a small, silent sample of what our De-Stress Your Home broadcast system  can do for your home, neighborhood, city and even country!

Experience the bliss of de-stressed spaces and book your 
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Our History

Our story started out as a journey of discovery and curiosity— if by curiosity you mean hellbent on saving the world and humanity. We simply started exploring deeper levels of consciousness, quantum physics, and how to have a better life filled with more smiles, more fun, less stress, and just easier all around. We’ve spent the last 40+ years researching and developing Quantum Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology. We devoted ourselves to creating this special technology to rid the world, your city, your neighborhood, your home of stress, tension, and negativity so that you no longer have to be blinded by stress and can live in peace and harmony.

Inventor, creator of 700+ Quantum Fused™ programs, best selling author, David Adelson is proud to present, The Permanent Peace Project, a $12 million project that will bring peace to the 2,000+ year conflict in Israel and the middle east. The Permanent Peace Project is the De-Stress Your Home program on a whole other scale that can satisfy an entire country. But don’t worry, the home program will be fine for you.

Ready to de-stress your home, neighborhood, and community ?

  • Give your entire family a renewed sense of safety and peace of mind.
  • Bless your entire community with the benefit of stress-free living
  • Show the world that there’s a better way forward.
  • Provide your neighbors with innovative tools for conflict resolution
  • Create a stress-reduction legacy your loved ones can take pride in
  • Increase harmony and cooperation in your community
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