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New Incredible Scientific Breakthrough Using Quantum-Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ Technology:

Imagine what it would be like to wake up stress free, to come home and be at peace— like being wrapped in a warm blanket, to dissolve arguments before they even start, and to be able to have more fun and be more productive without feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. What would you do with all that time, energy, clarity from being more productive? What if there was a way to make your problems go away without having to do anything?
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Do you know when you just feel stressed out all the time, like there’s always something going on that puts pressure on your shoulders and you’re so used to this pressure always being there that you don’t even notice? It’s like driving around with a dirty windshield, and instead of cleaning it you just adjust and live with it. And after a while you forget what it was even like to look out through a clean windshield, the same can be said about your stress and negativity levels. We call that feeling, that burden Stress Blindness and you can fix it with the right technology. And it’s simple.

Put Peace of Mind Right at Your Fingertips

Don’t just take our word for it
Check out what these users had to say about their experiences with the De-Stress Your Home broadcast system.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a machine you could simply plug in and it took care of that Stress Blindness – to alleviate stress in your home or office? What about your street? Your local neighborhood? The entire city?

You’re in luck – thanks to our ground-breaking line of stress-reduction beacons, removing bad vibes from your home and community is now as easy as pushing a button. We’ve got stress reduction down to a science. Literally.

No more Stress Blindness  powered by 40+ years of research into stress alleviation and peace of mind, the De-Stress Your Home System turns an ordinary MacBook Air computer into an extraordinary beacon that improves the stress levels of the members of your household, and the members of your broader community too.

Instantly Relieve Stress and Boost Harmony.

The soothing impacts of a
De-Stress Your Home beacon are apparent from the moment you set up your machine and let the Quantum-Infused™ and
Unified -Field-Infused™
technology work its magic.
All systems come equipped with pre-downloaded programs, making the system easy to set up and even easier to use (even with no pre-existing tech knowledge).

Unlock Amazing
Big Picture Benefits

Unlike meditation apps, the impact of a De-Stress Your Home system extends far beyond your residence. Some models cover up to 75 miles away, letting your whole neighborhood enjoy the peace of mind boost! From reducing crime and car accidents to mitigating the damage from wildfires and tornadoes, the De-Stress Your Home beacon provides unique benefits to the whole community.

Gain Accumulative,
Long-Lasting Clarity

With impacts that grow exponentially over time, the
De-Stress Your Home system only gets better with age. The longer you keep the system plugged in, the more you will notice the impact.
On a small scale, this can reduce arguments and stress to
non-existent levels.
Big picture, it can replace prejudice, racial injustice, and tension with harmonious coexistence.

Experience the bliss of de-stressed spaces – try a free sample of our ground-breaking technology today.

How it Works

The De-Stress Your Home broadcast system consists of two components – a brand-new MacBook Air combined with powerful Quantum-Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology. Our software, which comes pre-loaded into the system, transforms the computer into a state-of-the-art beacon, with a range that covers up to 75 sq. miles depending on the specific model. This means that the benefits are felt not just within your home, but within the broader community, too.

Discover a whole new world of stress-free living.

Though the specific outcomes vary based on unique factors related to your location, neighborhood density, and current stress level, some of the most commonly reported impacts of this de-stressing technology include:
And that’s just on the individual level. Because the device reaches users miles away, it can also indirectly lower crime, reduce accidents, and improve harmony between neighbors. If you live near politicians, business leaders, and other prominent members of society, the benefits could potentially even be felt on a citywide scale!

Size Matters

De-Stress Your Home

De-Stress Your Home – 10 Mile Diameter

Perfect for reducing stress within a single home or small community, this powerful beacon might not have the range of our other models but it is powered by the same Quantum-Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology. Need to quickly recharge your emotional and mental batteries? Simply run the pre-installed programs and you’re on your way to an optimal state of relaxation. With less stress, fewer arguments, and a drastic reduction in tension between family members, you’ll notice the difference in your home right away.

De-Stress Your Home - 30 Mile DIAMETER

This benefit-packed broadcast system didn’t become our best-selling model by accident. Like the 10-mile radius option, this beacon utilizes advanced Quantum-Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology. The only difference? This one comes on a Macbook Pro to extend the benefits to your neighbors, with a range that covers 30 miles and/or 30,000 people. 
That means that your family will benefit from less bickering, arguing, and fighting within the home…as well as a safer, more tranquil neighborhood outside. With this model, users have reported a reduction in stress in the home and throughout the surrounding area. 

De-Stress Your Home
De-Stress Your Home

De-Stress Your Home – 75 Mile DIAMETER

If you’re looking to de-stress a large area or a large group of people, this is the perfect system for you. Use the pre-loaded Quantum-Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology to bring a renewed sense of calm, tranquility, and focus to your surrounding area. With a range that reaches up to 75 miles and/or 75,000 people, this system comes on a souped-up MacBook Pro and can be used to promote a stress-free, relaxed environment that covers densely packed urban neighborhoods or small cities. It is also effective when deployed in the workplace, as it promotes clarity of thought amongst multiple people at once.

Optimize the health of your home and the health of your local community.

One of the easiest ways to understand the De-Stress system is by looking at it as an insanely effective over-the-counter medicine for the stress levels of your household and surrounding neighborhood. When your collective stress level is under control, the beacon acts like a vitamin and ensures that the good vibes continue. When you are feeling tired, run-down, and out of sorts, the beacon serves as an aspirin, bringing your stress level and mood back up to optimal levels. In other words, when you’re within the radius of a De-Stress Your Home machine, the beacon will channel its Quantum-Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology to prevent you from routine, day-to-day stress.

What you do with this newfound sense of focus, clarity, and level-headedness is up to you.

Our History

Our story started out as a journey of discovery and curiosity— if by curiosity you mean hell-bent on saving the world and humanity. We simply started exploring deeper levels of consciousness, quantum physics, and how to have a better life filled with more smiles, more fun, less stress, and just easier all around. We’ve spent the last 40+ years researching and developing Quantum Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology. We devoted ourselves to creating this special technology to rid the world, your city, your neighborhood, your home of stress, tension, and negativity so that you no longer have to be blinded by stress and can live in peace and harmony.

Inventor, creator of 700+ Quantum Fused™ programs, best-selling author, David Adelson is proud to present, The Permanent Peace Project, a $12 million project that can bring peace to the 2,000+ year conflict in Israel and the Middle East. The Permanent Peace Project is the De-Stress Your Home program on a whole other scale that can satisfy an entire country. But don’t worry, the home program should be fine for you.

Outsmart Stress with Innovative Quantum-Infused™ Technology

The De-Stress Your Home system was created to help people who are already committed to helping their community – the accumulative impact of our Quantum-Infused™ and Unified-Field-Infused™ technology only grows stronger with increased adoption and usage.

Today, our beacons are de-stressing households and communities – tomorrow they could be improving racial tensions, creating economic stability, and impacting the globe on an unprecedented scale.

View the De-Stress Your Home machine (we call it a Peace Maker) in action

Ready to de-stress your home, neighborhood, and community?

  • Give your entire family a renewed sense of safety and peace of mind.
  • Bless your entire community with the benefit of stress-free living
  • Show the world that there’s a better way forward.
  • Provide your neighbors with innovative tools for conflict resolution
  • Create a stress-reduction legacy your loved ones can take pride in
  • Increase harmony and cooperation in your community
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